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Product was great but on time delivery and communication was HORRIBLE. Item was a gift or I wouldnt have cared. It did not ship as promised and no one contacted me to tell me why. I HAD TO CALL and then the rep acted as though I was asking to much. Even after I waited to weejs after promised shipping to call. Either way if you arent in a hurry or dont care about someone letting you kniw whats going on this is the site for you. Read more

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A++ For this company. has always delivered what I ordered in a reasonable amount of time. I have saved hundreds of dollars buying there products instead of shopping at other places. Sometimes its hard to get someone on the phone but after sending an email I always get a response. Awesome deals on the closeout page and they are always getting new stuff! Sign up for their newsletter and you can save on shipping by taking... Read more

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I have been ordering from Wild Bills Wholesale for several years. Of course I started buying from them because hey, let's face it, they have absolutely GREAT prices! Recently I have had a few minor problems but they have always fixed it. But let's get real here, you get what you pay for. If you order only off the "Clearance" list, a few things might not be perfect!

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You send email's that I left things in my cart but didn't complete the order, you don't have a wish list and the items I put in the cart will dissapear in about a week leaving the cart empty. Your shipping used to be quite fast but lately it has been slow. The fact that I have to enter at least 100 words doesn't make any sense, I have describe the issues I have with your site and shipping expediency, so what am I supposed to say when I have said... Read more

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I will offer a different experience with Wild Bill Wholesale. I used them to grow my business. And after placing hundreds and hundreds of dollars in orders, it was a nightmare and I ended up losing. A HUGE percentage of my orders were messed up, in one way or another. What I thought was good customer service at first, well, I was wrong. I got lucky on the first few orders, and invested time and money putting Wild Bill products in my stores. Some... Read more

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This is Wild Bill, owner of I was sorry to hear that something went sideways with this valuable customer's order. Unfortunately there is a small percentage of orders in any company where something goes wrong. Contrary to what the poster said, as a family owned business we do care a great deal about the satisfaction of our customers. I am hopeful that this poster will contact me personally so I can set things right. ... Read more

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TAKES FOREVER NOW WHEN USE TO TAKE 3 DAYS. BEEN WAITING OVER 15 DAYS AND ORDER STILL NOT SHIPPED I WONT ORDER AGAIN AND OFFICERS FROM WORK COMPLAINING ALSO.... WONT RECOMMEND EVER!!!!! they use to be fast and efficient...I e-mailed to check on status and no reply. All items I ordered showed in stock. A few months ago I ordered some other things and the order was completely wrong took over a month to get the original order and over a month to get... Read more

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I've been a Wild Bill customer for a bit now and I have never had any issues! Great service, fast shipping and no hassle returns! I've bought single items and wholesale lots and every item was a winner! I'll be back for more and I'll be just as please because I know I'm getting quality merchandise, great pricing and a large selection! It's a shopping bonanza! I have used their products for resale, gifts and personal use. I buy for family... Read more

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I love this place...i don't do business anywhere else. ...thank ya'll

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I have nothing bad to say about wildbill they got everything i could ever want and i have but many items from them and I will continue to do so Wild Bill wholesale is an awesome place to shop

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