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Did anybody else get this email? I think this was just to pacify us for awhile and get even more of our money before they closed up shop? Phones are now disconnected and no answers to emails.

Dec 29, 2018 at 2:31 AM

Wishing you good times, good cheer

and a memorable new year.

All of us at Wild Bill Wholesale want to thank you for your business, loyalty, and support this past year. We also want to apologize . In the final weeks leading up to Christmas we experienced several unforeseen issues which occurred that kept us from timely

filling a portion of the orders we received.

To those impacted, we want to sincerely express how sorry we are. We cannot, however, eliminate the frustrations you may have experienced; we can only pledge that we have made changes to keep the issues from ever recurring,and that we will not disappoint you again. We only hope to have the opportunity to prove it to you in 2019, or sooner. Whichever it may be, we pray that every single person reading this newsletter is able to

enjoy the holidays and is blessed in the upcoming year. From our family to yours, Happy New Year!

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This is Bill Gossin, President of Wild Bill Wholesale. It would have been oh so nice that after your drive by attack on us, you had updated your post with the fact that our phones were out less than 24 hours (due to utility construction in the area).

Also we do not take money from customers under false pretenses. The letter you refer to was a sincere attempt on our part to explain to our valued customers why some orders were shipped out late due to unforseen circumstances (non-delivery of ocean freight we were expecting). We have not "closed up shop" we are operating in a very normal situation shipping out orders daily. Before posting what "you think" next time, it might be good to actually have some facts in hand.

If you have any continuing issues with your orders, please write directly to me bill@wildbillwholesale.

Please note I spend a good deal of time on the road visiting with our largest customers, attending trade shows, etc. so if I don't answer right away, I will as soon as I return to the office.

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